csb films

Heath Ward is a Seattle-based filmmaker.  Darlene Sellers is a West Coast actress.  Between the two of them, they've been on one or two hundred indie film sets.    Put them together with their combined experiences and they are chop socky boom films.  


HEATH WARD . . . After escaping from Michigan where he went to school, Heath headed to Seattle.  By day he works as a video producer and DP for Sparkworks Media.  Over his fifteen year career, Heath has added his talent to numerous short films, music videos, and features.  To this day, Heath still adamantly believes that "ninjas" is the plural of ninja.



DARLENE SELLERS . . . Hailing from P-town (Portland, Oregon), Darlene has been lucky to work on stages and film sets throughout the Pacific Northwest.  A storyteller by nature, she is thrilled with the opportunity to share CSB with the world.  She doesn't have the heart to tell Heath that the plural of ninja is really ninja, but she thinks it's sweet that he has so much faith in the letter "s."