Andrew directs Austen Translation

Austen Translation is an extraordinary unscripted play based on the works of Jane Austen that tells the story of a bright young heroine's journey to navigate the designs of her family and the delicacy of her heart. While faithful readers of Austen are sure to delight in the country dances, carriage rides, and turns about the room that are found in classic works like "Pride and Prejudice"and "Emma," beloved characters like Mr. Darcy or Emma Woodhouse will be nowhere in sight. Instead, the trained improvisational actors will give prominence to the name of a lucky audience volunteer before gathering other suggestions to create a new cast of suitors, sisters, and spinsters with every performance. Some volunteers from the audience will even have the chance to sit down on stage for tea with the more respectable members of society to give their take on the gossip of who's engaged and who's not. It's sure to be an evening of stolen glances, tantalizing secrets, and a love story that will leave you breathless.  Check out the website for ticket information!